SW:S Financial and Legal Information


2007: Be An Artist, Inc. received its IRS designation as a not-for-profit charitable organization, section 501(c)(3), which operated the SongwritingWith: programs. The organization has maintained its good standing.

2012: SongwritingWith:Soldiers, Inc, established as a non-profit corporation, operating under the charitable status of Be An Artist.

2013: Certificate of Merger/Name Change

  • Be An Artist, Inc., merged with SongwritingWith:Soldiers, Inc.
  • Be An Artist, Inc., the surviving corporation, renamed SongwritingWith:, Inc.
  • Charitable activities carried forward under the name SongwritingWith:Soldiers

Our Federal Tax Identification number: 26-1626709.

IRS Form 990

SW:S funding comes primarily from individuals and foundations. We pride ourselves on stewarding our resources in order to maximize the highest impact for our participant veterans and their families.

Though it isn’t guaranteed that this will happen, SongwritingWith:Soldiers believes that the veterans should participate in any positive outcome from their songs, including potential royalties. To ensure this, all participants are registered with ASCAP (American Society of Composers and Publishers) as co-writers of their songs. In the event that royalties are generated from a song written by a veteran during one of our retreats, he or she will participate in the writer’s portion of those royalties. The veterans’ publishing rights are held by SongwritingWith:Soldiers Music, which is owned by the registered non-profit 501(c)3 corporation, SongwritingWith. Each of our professional songwriters has publishing agreements with their individual publishers (See our collaboration agreement below). Publishing royalties from songs held by SongwritingWith:Soldiers Music will go expressly to further the work of SongwritingWith:Soldiers.