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RetreatYearSong TitleBranchConflictGroupsThemeParticipant Writer
Cedarbrake April 20132013We Were Watched OverAir ForceOtherAll Female, Military FamilyCombatDustin Wright
Cedarbrake April 20132013Freedom SongNavyAfghanistanMilitary SpouseFemale Veteran, StrengthWinni Smith
Cedarbrake April 20132013I Found What I've Been MissingMarinesDesert StormAll FemaleLove/Friendship/BrotherhoodChris Chirico, Albert Merrifield
Cedarbrake April 20132013SecretsArmy, MarinesOtherEODStrengthKathleen Long
Cedarbrake April 20132013Involuntary ErectionMarines, Coast GuardDesert Storm, Post 9/11, OtherMilitary FamilyFamily PerspectivePalermo Deschamp
Cedarbrake April 20132013Illustrated ManArmy, Navy, Air ForceIraqGold StarComing Home, Family PerspectiveDustin Crites
Cedarbrake April 20132013I'm Not Supposed To be HereArmy, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast GuardVietnam WarAll Female, EODCombat, Family Perspective, StrengthChris Chirco
Cedarbrake April 20132013I'm A SoldierMarinesWWII, Korean WarAll Female, Military FamilyFamily PerspectivePalermo Deschamp
Cedarbrake April 20132013Be Right Here, Right NowArmyAfghanistan, OtherMilitary SpouseCombat, Female Veteran, StrengthNikki Shaw, Dustin Wright
Cedarbrake October 20122012Me PerdiArmyVietnam WarMilitary SpouseLove/Friendship/BrotherhoodJaime Santiago
Cedarbrake October 20122012Heavy WeaponsCoast GuardIraq, AfghanistanAll FemaleFemale VeteranScott McRae
Cedarbrake October 20122012The DreamAir Force, MarinesDesert StormMilitary Family, Military SpouseCombatScott McRae
Cedarbrake October 20122012Can't Break Me NowArmy, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast GuardPost 9/11All FemaleComing Home, Family PerspectiveTamera Dillard, Kelli Miller
Cedarbrake October 20122012Why Not MeCoast GuardDesert Storm, Post 9/11, IraqMilitary Family, Military SpouseLove/Friendship/Brotherhood, Female VeteranFatuma Salim-Shirazy
Cedarbrake October 20122012Half Horse TownNavy, Coast GuardDesert Storm, Post 9/11Gold StarComing Home, Love/Friendship/Brotherhood, StrengthNikki Shaw
Cedarbrake October 20122012I Had WheelsAir Force, MarinesWWII, Korean WarGold Star, Military Family, Military SpouseFamily Perspective, StrengthJosh Hartman
Cedarbrake October 20122012Calling HomeAir Force, MarinesAfghanistanGold Star, Military FamilyCombat, Coming Home, Family PerspectiveEustacio Obregon
Cedarbrake October 20122012BlackoutNavyKorean WarMilitary SpouseLove/Friendship/BrotherhoodNikki Shaw
Cedarbrake October 20122012The Soldier GameArmyWWIIEODStrengthJosh Hartman, Eustacio Obregon, Scott McRae

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