I am standing here today because of SongwritingWith:Soldiers. – Sgt. Nikki Shaw

What We Do

Songwriting – In workshop and retreat settings, veterans work collaboratively with professional songwriters to transform their experiences of combat and the transition home into songs. We supplement these sessions with creativity workshops—on photography, videography, cooking, and more—designed to nurture strengths and skills, as well as forge community. Our unique approach sparks individual renewal on multiple fronts. All songs are professionally recorded on-site and participants are registered as co-writers with ASCAP (Association of Composers, Authors, and Publishers). The songs are available for download on our site.

Connections – After retreats, SW:S participants receive lyric books, DVDs and CDs of their songs. These lasting artifacts serve as a source of pride and a means of reconnecting with family, friends, and communities. Our program sustains post-retreat growth with private retreat group calls, online SW:S forum and a quarterly teleclass (Creativity Calling) featuring songwriters, visual artists, chefs, and other special guests. Many participants return to volunteer at future events. The healing ripples outward.

The program covers all expenses for participants. Please help more military members transform their stories into songs and connect with others at our retreats. Donate now.

To think that I sat down with a perfect stranger and told him some of the worst things I have ever been through and now I have a beautiful song that I can share. That blows my mind. – Retreat participant