Most have seen battle. Many have lost friends. The soldiers all bring stories when they come to our retreats. Our professional writers help them turn those stories into songs.

Many arrive with some apprehension. But soon, they become songwriting soldiers, rising to the challenge by sitting down with total strangers and talking about their lives. As their songs emerge, one thing’s certain: things will never be quite the same. A connection has been made. Their story – the soldier’s story – will be heard through their song. Watch it happen in the following video.

Andrew Scott McRae is a soldier. His experiences during his years of service both overseas and here at home rendered it difficult for him to express the feelings associated with trying to cope while leading men in combat and simultaneously struggling to be a husband and father. Enter SongwritingWith:Soldiers. The result of the collaborative songwriting effort is a release of thoughts and emotions that enables the healing process to begin.